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Apex Commercial Flooring is the local leader in flooring and flooring related services in the commercial and professional markets. Since Bill Gunnells and Mary Grab launched Apex in 2008, the company’s mission has been to provide aggressively priced solutions along with excellent customer communication and satisfaction.

“Apex customers tell us we are the best at taking care of them and take a personal interest in their operation. We accomplish this by focusing on personalized flooring services to each client creating an efficient and effective solution to each client’s unique needs. We believe in a ‘Single Source Contact.'” – BILL GUNNELLS, CEO

Apex Commercial Flooring is the commercial specialist you can call at any time – a group of people who personally immerse themselves in your building operations, procedures and staff. Apex provides options and solutions for architects, designers, general contractors, building owners and building managers, and strives to be an extension of your ownership, management or engineering team.

We operate in the state of Washington, U.S.A. Get in touch.


Bill Gunnells

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Gunnells is the Chief Executive Officer at Apex Flooring, Inc., with responsibility for determining the strategic direction of the company and ensuring that strategy is implemented through functional steps.

Bill takes the helm in maintaining awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards.

Bill’s “in the field, first-hand knowledge” comes from 14 years as an installer, beginning at age 19, later advanced to project manager, then operations manager, and in 2008 founding Apex Flooring.

Bill’s greatest strengths are his creativity, installation and product knowledge, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

He lives in Seattle with his wife, and they welcomed a baby girl in June of 2016.

Tim Bartholomew

Senior Project Manager

Born and raised in Hobart, WA. Tim learned early on that life on the farm was not for him. After studying at Washington State University he discovered commercial flooring and in 1984 he started Great Northern Floors. Over the next 30 years Great Northern Floors became the premier flooring company to service the hospitality, commercial properties, and retail industries. Great Northern Floors was purchase by Apex Flooring in 2012 and welcomed Tim and all of their employee’s and staff on board as part of our growing team.

Tim is known for his straight forward no nonsense approach to helping clients. His experience with materials and installers is a key factor in what makes him the best in the business.

When Tim is not working he can be found in a duck blind, fishing boat, or playing with his beautiful grandchildren. He loves his family and the outdoors.

Tony Creveling

Project Manager

Tony Creveling is a Project Manager at Apex Flooring and has been part of the Apex team since 2012.

Graduating from Central Washington University he joined our team as a commercial estimator. Tony now manages commercial projects across Washington and Oregon in all industries from commercial properties, to hospitality, including small businesses like restaurants, and retail stores.

An avid outdoorsman, Tony enjoys spending his time upland bird hunting or exploring the Northwest’s great outdoors. And of course as a huge sports fan he never misses an opportunity to see the Seahawks in action.

Michael Dierdorff

Director of Business Development

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Michael learned his operations & project management skills by working with many great people during his positions as a Senior Property Manager, Asset Manager for an overseas real estate investment company, and National Flooring Sales Representative. Michael believes in proactively identifying potential project issues to minimize surprises, keeping clients well informed throughout the project, and maintaining a watchful eye for details as the recipe for success.

Michael’s direction is to continue to make Apex Flooring known as the company you want to hire for personalized service, providing quick response and specification options to ensure you receive the right product for the right application. Michael believes Apex is an extension of your management and engineering team. He looks at your project as a long-term flooring investment, not just today’s project.

Michael enjoys travelling with his wife, spending time with his two grown children and time away from a cell tower hunting or fishing with friends.


Flooring that's designed for comfort, style & relaxation COMMERCIAL FLOORING SOLUTIONS


Flooring options reinforced for durability, clean & modern in appearance COMMERCIAL FLOORING SOLUTIONS


Beautiful and functional flooring you can count on long-term in high-traffic areas COMMERCIAL FLOORING SOLUTIONS
"Apex is the company you will want to hire for
personalized service."
Michael Dierdorff, Director of Business Development
Apex Commercial Flooring